4 Wheel Parts/UTV Underground Garage

As of July 4th, we agreed to team up with 4 Wheel Parts and UTV Underground Garage allocating them to be our exclusive retail dealer and distributor. They were a great                  fit to us as UTV Underground is deeply engaged in the UTV community, and that's where we want to be. The SXS/UTV family is a special one and we're excited to apart of it.

World Off-Road Championship Series(WORCS)

Coming into the 2015 season Nelson Racing Products picked up free agent and former pro class champion Ryan Piplic. With Ryan and Mitch piloting 2 Polaris RZR's for our team in the Pro class, we knew it would be a good year. 

Round 1 Taft - Mechanicals Issues troubled Mitchy as Ryan took his newly Nelson Racing Products built car to a solid 2nd place finish. 

Round 2 Primm - As the weather was pristine for racing, Ryan and Mitchy both took a Top 5 start. Ryan suffered a mechanical as Mitchy drove to another 2nd place finish for Nelson Racing Products in the Pro Class. As Mtichy took the Unlimited win at Round 1, he continued to do the same with another podium and 2nd at Primm in the Unlimited Class.

Round 3 Peoria - Guthrie Racing(Mitchy) started his weekend off great with an Unlimited Class win. The heat didn't agitate our Nelson Racing Products drivers as Mitchy drove from the 2nd row to a win and Ryan Piplic took another solid podium spot in 3rd. At this point Ryan is now in the points leads.

Round 4 Lake Havasu - Team Nelson didn't let off the gas at all as Mitchy took home 2 wins(Unlimited and Pro Class) with Ryan finishing literally a few seconds behind in Pro.

Round 5 Sand Hollow - As we went north into Utah, we found a steep sandy track dubbed Sand Hollow that overlooks a lake. Looking for his first win of the year, Ryan went on to take a solid lead and take home the win to continue to points lead. He also raced Unlimited and took the win in the class. Mitchy would finish 3rd in Pro and 2nd behind Ryan in Unlimited. Lots of medals were going home with our boys.

Round 6 Cedar City - As rained troubled the race course, racing was the same for everyone. In the Pro Class everyone was inching for space on the track. Mitchy got the worst of it as a mistake had taken him out from finishing, only to see Ryan finish in 3rd and further extend his points lead. Mitchy did come back to win his Unlimited race and make it 4 wins in 6 races.

Round 7 Straddeline - While everyone headed north into Washington for Round 7, Polaris debuted their new RZR Turbo. As Canada was near, WORCS track took to a different route as it wiggled in between trees and was very dry as opposed to wet in years past. Ryan would come home to another win as Mtichy would follow in 4th spot to help keep the points tight. Mitchy also pulled away with another win in the Unlimited Class.

Round 8 Glen Helen - Coming into another hot weekend and race for Team Nelson we knew we had our work cut out for us. As the start mimicked a standard land rush style green flag drop, there was bumping and banging as usual. Mitchy busted an axle the first lap as a result of it. Piplic was able to surpass the casualty of damage and remain in the hunt for a podium spot. They both drove smart races although Mitchy was too far back after the axle to make a top 5 finish become reality. Piplic however drove into a 2nd place finish and safely keep his points lead.

Round 9 Primm - With Piplic in the point lead and everyone else having nothing to lose, it was a fist fight on dirt. Piplic cruised to a 6th place finish and his 2nd championship in the Pro class as Mitchy passed both Haagsma and Baron to take the win on the day before he ventures on into Best in the Desert next season. With 5 wins between the team on the year and a podium at every round, we look onto 2016 as it will be here before we know it!